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Hello and welcome to Hell. Or Heaven…whichever you prefer. This is a page about “Attempted Rapture“, an experimental novel by The Late Mitchell Warren. It is available in two versions: The Sinner and The Saint. Eight years after its controversial debut, which saw protests, rioting and the destruction of many innocent lives, Attempted Rapture is being re-released. This experimental novel is available in The Sinner and The Saint.



Genre: Christian Fiction

Is faith a religion? Is faith a lifestyle? Is faith just the opposite of sin?

Maybe faith is about one defining moment in your life…

Attempted Rapture: The Saint is a modern day parable of lost faith and redemption that will evoke the hearts and minds of believers. This hard-edged Christian novel explores the issue of faith through the eyes of three characters, each one symbolizing a life stage of the Christian perspective.

Hal Persill is the agnostic believer, a young man plagued by doubt and temptation, and who feels alienated from his rural hometown of “Radrick” after a long stay in New York. Amara Stallart is a preacher’s daughter and a shining star of Christian loyalty that clings to her family ties and moral upbringing. Anne McNamary is an ex-Christian profligate and a notorious exile from the community who lurks somewhere in the big city. Whose faith will survive intact when certain destruction strikes?

Attempted Rapture: The Saint is a tale of morality, love, and Bible-Belt culture. Author Mitchell Warren explores the concept of Christian faith, modernizing the parable of “The Prodigal Son” with an experimental mix of poetry and prose, humor, sermonizing, and harsh interior monologues.

The end result is a provocative Christian novel that doesn’t lecture, but allows readers to draw their own conclusions as to what faith is and what redemption ultimately means to a believer.


Genre: Parody/Satire

Christianity has the most sex-negative view of any world religion. In Bible-Belt culture, sexuality and sin are pushed so closely together that children grow up fearing sexual urges, seeing opportunity as devil-sent temptation and a teenage marriage as the only cure.

But what happens when Christian youth revolts? They don’t just go out into the world. They lunge into depravity—angry at God, disillusioned with life, and full of evil intentions.

Attempted Rapture: The Sinner is a novel of suicidal blasphemy—sacrilegious, obscene, and intentionally offensive. Author Mitchell Warren has created a tragic parody that explores the issue of Christian guilt and Church indoctrination with biting satire and heartbreaking pathos.

Biblical allusions abound as a modern-day “Prodigal Son”, Hal Persill, encounters incarnations of Proverbial “Lady Wisdom” and “Madam Folly” in two polar opposite sisters. Amara Stallart is a shining star of Christian loyalty who clings to her family ties. Anne McNamary is a self-professed heretic and harlot, shunned by the good old Radrick County community. All three characters are running fast, hoping to escape the wrath of Jesus.

It’s a story about true love, demonic sex, and the cataclysm that results when faith interferes with human desire. The reason for the two extremes is a symbol of the duality of faith, and in some cases, the double lives that people live in order to reconcile their beliefs. Read more about Warren’s motivations in creating the book and his newly found Anti-Guru status.

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